This Dashboard allows users to visualize data and information submitted by Parties in their national reports pursuant to Article 15 of the Stockholm Convention. 

You can navigate through the Dashboard using the left-side menu which contains a drop-down list with various possible visualizations. 


Filters of the Dashboard: 


Select a question, and interactive data, graphics, tables and filters will be displayed. Here is a short explanation about the filters used in the Dashboard: 


- Select Reporting Cycle: allows users to select which reporting cycle should be considered in the visualizations. Please note the deadlines for the submission of reports defined for each reporting cycle as this may affect what you aim at visualizing: 


o        5th reporting cycle's due date: 31/08/2022 

o        4th reporting cycle's due date: 31/08/2018 

o        3rd reporting cycle's due date: 31/08/2014 


- Filter by Submission Date: allows for the selection of an interval of time, and data will be displayed only from reports submitted in that period.  


- Filter by Regions: allows for the selection of a region, and data will be displayed only about countries from the selected region that have reports submitted.  


- Filter by Countries: allows for the selection of one to up to 10 countries. Data will be displayed only from countries selected that have reports submitted.  


Explanations about sections and the left menu: 


To see a short explanation about a part or a section, you can click on the specific name (e.g. Section I) on the left side menu. 

The outline used in the left-side menu is based on the reporting questionnaire used by Parties when submitting their national reports, which is divided into parts then into thematic sections, which contain questions/tables. 


Here is a summary of the different parts of the questionnaire and their scope: 


Part B covers measures taken by Parties to implement the Convention and the effectiveness of such measures. It contains 11 sections with a total of 35 questions. 

Part C covers progress made in eliminating PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls). It contains 3 sections with a total of 17 questions. 

Part D covers progress made in eliminating PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, its salts and perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride). It contains 8 questions. 

If you want to see the theme of a specific section or question, you can mouse over on the left side menu. 


Other visualizations: 

Some of other visualizations, containing aggregated data and information, are also available in the Dashboard, such as the status of submission of national reports and different overviews (e.g. inventories data for releases of unintentionally produced POPs; Production, Export, Import and Disposal for all relevant chemicals covered under the Convention). 


Technical support: 

If you have any problem with these visualizations, a comment or suggestion, please send a message to the Secretariat  (email: